I’m down with Rebecca Black!

music, youth ministry

Every time I have logged onto Twitter in the last week, I have seen one name: Rebecca Black.  The other night, a friend of mine showed me Rebecca’s music video, “Friday”, that went viral.  The lyrics are less than genius, the singing is completely auto-tuned, and the video itself is…well… hilariously bad.

The reason she has gotten so popular is because the song has been dubbed “the worst song of all time.”  And although that might be true in some ways, I’ve decided I love it and love her.
First of all, the responses have been absolutely terrible.  People are telling her to “go cut herself and die”, they are tweeting her that they are going to “come to her house with an ak47”, and more.  People are being downright rude and mean to her.  It’s terrible.  What happened to the recent campaigns of trying to prevent bullying?  We laugh at their comments, contribute, but what is it doing?  Making a thirteen year old cry.
And that’s a huge thing–she is THIRTEEN.  Her song isn’t about getting high, having sex, or adult love (which she had the option of doing a song like that, but she refused for something more “age-appropriate”).  Her song is completely appropriate for being thirteen.  Is it a funny song?  Yes.  Does she know the lyrics are dumb?  Duh.  But she’s thirteen, people.  I love me some Justin Bieber, but what does a 17-year old know about his “one love?”  She’s singing age-appropriate songs.
I laughed and laughed when I heard this song…and I still laugh.  But then God reminded me–what if she was in my youth group?  This girl is hurting.

And getting famous because of it.

So gon’ head Rebecca Black! Do yo thang! And don’t let people stop you!

And from now on, every Friday, I’m gonna be sing your song! Because then tomorrow’s Saturday, and I always forget what comes afterwards, but then you reassure me it’s Sunday ;)

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