It’s Friday! (Lent Update)


So I busted Lent. I listened to “secular music.”

I watched Glee, which I allowed only on the stipulation that I watched it online and not on television (I went to a bible study instead).

Then I played copious hours of rockband.  So not only did I listen to it, I played it.  Although, judging by my score, it shouldn’t count either.

Then I listened to Rebecca Black’s new song, “It’s Friday.”  Which once again, isn’t good enough to be considered secular music.  It’s like Kidz Bop without an original artist.  It’s terrible.

But after justifying that all, I can’t get that dumb Friday song out of my head.  Maybe because it’s so terrible.  Maybe because it really is Friday.  Maybe because every time I quote it or sing it, I get lots of attention. Maybe because I feel like obnoxious music this, the day my spring break begins.

Then I thought: What if I had God’s word stuck in my head like this song?  Jesus juked myself.

But seriously, wasn’t that why I gave up secular music for Lent?  Getting rid of music that was poisonous and entering prayer and scripture?

But I wasn’t doing that last part necessarily.  So not only did I “fail” Lent, but I really wasn’t doing it all that good in the first place.

So, I’m starting over.  And I’m doing it right this time.  It wasn’t that I was listening to Ludacris.  But I failed at the point of giving up “secular” music (bad or not)–to get my mind focused on the song that God is trying to teach me as he sings over me :)

One thought on “It’s Friday! (Lent Update)

  1. Heather-
    I loved this post and it truly spoke to my heart! I tried giving up Facebook, not for Lent, but because I was deperately seeking God's face in a certain issue that I couldn't quite hear Him clearly on. Today, I got on Facebook for the first time in a week. Not because I couldn't handle being away from Facebook, because really, it wasn't all that bad. But I realized that I wasn't hearing God anymore clearly. I was more focused on keeping off Facebook than the reason I gave it up in the first place.

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