How I Do My Makeup!

People are always asking me to teach them how to do my makeup, and TBH, I'm terrible on camera. Peep this youtube video I made once: But people always ask me, so I've compiled a list of my holy grail products! PRIMER: Smashbox Photo Finish PrimerDUPE: Elf Hydrating Face Primer EYE PRIMER: Elizabeth Mott... Continue Reading →

COVID in the Midst of Lent If you’re like me, you are mourning right now. You’re morning all the cancelled events – Spring Retreats, Mission Trips, summer camp, Confirmation, Easter Sunday, weddings. It’s a lot. The tendency, at least for me, in situations like these where there is so little that I can control, is to over-compensate, over-program, and over-plan.... Continue Reading →

I changed my mind.

This week, the UMC denomination that I serve in voted to strengthen its stance on "self-avowed homosexuals." And I was disappointed. Broken. But I haven't always been this way. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church, and although it was conservative, the message that rang was "Jesus loves you!" I grew up hearing it constantly, which... Continue Reading →

7 Quick Christmas Games

REINDEER GAMES MATERIALS:Panty hose, balloons. INSTRUCTIONS: Divide group into teams. Each team gets one pair of pantyhose, and a set number of balloons. Give 2-3 minutes for each team to blow up their balloons, put in the pantyhose, and get the pantyhose on someone's head (like reindeer antlers). Judge to see who has the best-looking... Continue Reading →

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