5,000 views! And a Chicken Dinner

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My blog recently hit the 5,000 mark in views!  I don’t know why anyone would even want to read it, but I guess I might say something ingenious every once in a while ;) And out of humility…:)

I recently got a job with the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home.  I work in a Transitional Living Program, helping teen girls ages 16-20 gain skills for independence.  I live with the girls for a week, and then am off a week.  I love it, but desire to get back into a church.  I keep reminding myself that ministry doesn’t just happen in a church building, and am blessed to work for a Christian organization that views my role AS ministry.  Of course, I have some crazy days and moments, but I love teenagers and love living life with them.  How better to show them Christ?

I’m also writing a guest post for youthmin.org on women in youth ministry…this is an extremely broad post, and I’m trying to figure out how to fit all I have to say into one post.  It’s impossible, I’ve decided.  Mostly because how can I condense the gender stereotypes, the personal hits I’ve taken, and a Biblical view of leadership all in once post?  How can I even explain these things?  And also, I think that my self-worth is down a little, because I’m no longer serving in the church-context like I was.  I so desire to get back to it!  I explain that it’s like this:

Say you’ve been promised a steak dinner–with loaded mashed potatoes and cherry cobbler for dessert.  You don’t know when it’s coming, but you want it soooo bad.  You sit down for dinner and you get a nice chicken dinner.  It’s delicious, and good for you, but in the back of your mind is that steak dinner.  It’s like you can’t fully appreciate what’s in front of you, even though it’s good.  In the back of your mind is that dream.

That is how I feel.  I really want that steak-dinner job, but I’ll have to “settle” for my chicken-dinner job.  Which is still great!  But I know what I truly desire and can’t wait for it.

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