Update! :)


Happy Summer everybody! What is going on in my life?

Last week I went to New Jersey for a wedding.  I was Maid of Honor!  I couldn’t believe that I was selected for this role, as I live in Missouri and don’t consider myself to have “regular” contact with the bride.  But there were more important factors that have honestly been a theme throughout our relationship:  Christ.  I talked about this in my non-alcoholic toast; Katie and I have not always been the most compatible friends, but that didn’t matter; we sought each other out because we were the only ladies in our high school graduating class who sought after the Lord.  So 8 years of friendship later, I’m ripping my dress up the stage as her MOH.  The experience really added to my ponderings of what Christian community looks like.

This three weeks of unemployment is really teaching me that.  I quit all my jobs on a leap of faith and moved to STL, in with my grandparents so that I could sort out things within my family.  I almost regret it, because I don’t have a job yet and I am NOT not the type of person to not do anything.  At the same time, it’s relaxing.  I’m finding peace.  I have time to…have time.  I hate relying on my grandparents, because I have always been an independent person.  It took me a long time to learn to rely on the Lord and not worry.  But He’s teaching me that relying on God also means relying on His community. Both are meeting my needs extravagantly.

How can you pray for me?  That I find a job working with youth.  I’ve applied to churches, residential facilities, and even nannying jobs.  As long as I’m able to communicate Christ, I will be fine doing whatever the job.  Pray for my spiritual life, that I keep studying Christ even when I’m not studying academically.  And last, pray for my family, that the Lord will provide their needs and start a spiritual awakening.

I hope that as I don’t have classes and 40+ hours of week, I can get back into the blogging and student ministry network!  I missed it immensely.

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