Halloween is my favorite holiday. I get a lot of smack for this, but I frankly don’t care! Halloween is just my favorite :)

Halloween is exactly what we say it is. There aren’t any reasons to celebrate, it’s just for fun. Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of our Savior, yet we drop Him to the background and sing songs about Santa, decorate our house with Santa, and celebrate gifts from…Santa. I can’t remember a Thanksgiving where through the craziness of making a huge dinner and getting a handful of guests to come over, my family could be truly thankful and celebrate the small blessings. Easter was always about eggs and bunnies, two things which never made sense to me. Fourth of July? No, it’s called “Independence Day”, but we celebrate hamburgers and fireworks, not our blessed freedom and liberty as Americans.
Ironically, Halloween has less masks than the rest of the holidays. Maybe as I grow older and have a family of my own, my favorite holiday will change! In fact, I do anticipate it changing, as I hope to make my family’s Christmas about Christ, Independence Day about our Independence, and Thanksgiving about Thankfulness. And I DO try to make it like that for me as an individual. Yet for now, Halloween is my favorite!
Tonight, I’m dressing up and teaching my youth group, then I’m off to the Masquerade Ball here at school! I’m very excited that Halloween and the Sabbath are on the same day! Yay!
Speaking of Holidays and preserving their true meanings, on Facebook there is a group called 30 Days of Thankfulness. Every day, you’re supposed to post as your status a reason you are thankful. I’m participating for sure! God has blessed me a lot, and I have tons of reasons to be thankful. So I hope in the spirit of Thanksgiving, you will do the same!
Ps, I do not believe in Vampires :)

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