Teenagers are…

I started reading Fahrenheit 451 last week, and I ran across this quote and had to laugh: Teenagers:  They're peculiar, aggravating, yet easy to forgive. They're so much more, too--they're creative, ambitious, crazy, sassy, yet more intelligent than adults are sometimes. I love it. What are teenagers to you?

Videos for Student Ministry

HEYOOO!I would love to tell you about a NEW RESOURCE for STUDENT MINISTRY!I can't tell you how many times people in our YouthMin.Org private Facebook Community post the day of youth group, "Hey, does anybody have a video for ______?"I usually hit up Google and give half-serious, half-kidding, but all-terrible videos for them.  I can't blame... Continue Reading →

Women in Youth Ministry: My Story @youth_min

This post originally appeared on: http://www.youthmin.org/women-in-youth-ministry-my-story/ I broke the youth minister mold, and I am admittedly proud of it.  I’m young, I’m single, I’m female.  Yet at about 23, I’ve already had multiple internships in churches of differing sizes andserved as the youth minister in a small, Southern Baptist Church for two years.  I’ve surprised myself, surprised... Continue Reading →

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