It’s time to boss it up.

All of us go through a period in our life where we are just “stuck.” We have a goal we can’t seem to achieve, unfinished business keeping us awake at 3am, or yet another unresolved New Year’s resolution. We know that we are dealing with unhealthy relationships or workplace environments and we know we need to make some moves, but the unknown keeps us back. 

Often times, we do know what will help us achieve wholeness in our lives, but we don’t have the systems in place to make those steps. We need the clarity and accountability that a coach gives us.

As your coach, I’ll provide the tools to help you reclaim control and be the boss of your own life. No more excuses for incomplete dreams, failed visions, and another year of not hitting resolutions. It’s time to boss it up and get your life back.

Heather helped me clearly define where I was, where I wanted to be, and what the journey looked like to get there. We worked to replace old limiting narratives and beliefs with empowering truth. She introduced me to practical tools to help me stop self-sabotaging.

Ashleigh, Coachee

One Time Goal-Setting Meeting

Interested in the coaching process, but just want to dip your toes in? Have a New Year’s Resolution in mind, but need the tools to put it to paper? Then a one-time goal setting meeting is perfect for you. At the end of the session, you can add on the 3-month package and place your initial investment towards the overall cost.

Investment: $75

3 Months Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Going through a transition? Need someone to help you reclaim your story? A 3-months coaching process focuses on where you are right now (point A) and provides the accountability and tools to get you to your preferred future (point B).

Investment: $300

6 Months Coaching

Need more than 3 months? If your goal needs more than 90 days, you can add on an additional 3 months at any time.

Investment: $550

Invest in yourself by hiring me as your coach.

Heather is a certified Spiritual Leadership Coach by Center for Advanced Coaching in partnership with Ezer + Co.

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