Call Me a Boom Baptist.

Evangelicalism is getting radical. In my last post on what Millennials want, I hit on this, but not completely: Evangelical Christians are not fitting into a mold anymore.  Millennials are desiring to live a faith that is not dichotomized into liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican, evangelical/mainline categories. Millennials just want to live like Jesus, and that's not in... Continue Reading →

Balancing Liberal VS Conservative Worldviews

Trying to find the balance between the "uber-religious-Bible-thumping-conservative" and "uber-worldy-Bible-ignorant-liberal" worldviews can be TOUGH. First-off, it is a false dichotomy; but just like with American political parties, there is a pressure to align with one or the other. So I do what I've always tried to do--read a variety of sources that are conservative, liberal,... Continue Reading →

God is Able

Saturday I had the blessing of spending a few hours with my teenager sister while she copped my WiFi.  We watched a Mythbusters episode together, where they proved it is scientifically impossible to be buried alive and escape. This was comforting. Why? Because that means no Zombie apocalypse. Unless it's Walking Dead style. Why else? Because... Continue Reading →

Don’t just "understand" the other side, EMPATHIZE.

I have half a dozen or so documents in my laptop right now of “potential blogposts” of different rants and ramblings about politics; from Chick-Fil-A to the ability for a Christian to vote different political parties to my stance on gay marriage, I have been wanting to speak out for a while now.  But I have... Continue Reading →

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