God is Able

Saturday I had the blessing of spending a few hours with my teenager sister while she copped my WiFi.  We watched a Mythbusters episode together, where they proved it is scientifically impossible to be buried alive and escape. This was comforting. Why? Because that means no Zombie apocalypse. Unless it's Walking Dead style. Why else? Because... Continue Reading →

Prayer Requests from a Youth Pastor in Newtown

This is copied directly from http://teenbuilding.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/my-conversation-with-a-youth-pastor-from-newtown-ct/ We are all still reeling from the school shooting that happened this past weekend.  This afternoon, I had the privilege of talking with a youth pastor from Newtown, CT.  He works with children and teenagers in his community just minutes from where the shooting happened. There was a lot that he and I talked... Continue Reading →

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