7 Quick Christmas Games

REINDEER GAMES MATERIALS:Panty hose, balloons. INSTRUCTIONS: Divide group into teams. Each team gets one pair of pantyhose, and a set number of balloons. Give 2-3 minutes for each team to blow up their balloons, put in the pantyhose, and get the pantyhose on someone's head (like reindeer antlers). Judge to see who has the best-looking... Continue Reading →

Nerf Night Games

Nerf Night is a favorite of our students, one that they look forward to each year. I've put on Nerf & Nachos Night for the last three years, and we are looking forward to it again Friday! We purchased: Nerf Elite Strong-arm Blaster--purchase directly from Hasbro to get a reduced cost, plus tax-freeSafety glasses for each studentElite... Continue Reading →

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