#TBT: My Call to Ministry (and how God speaks to us)

During Lent, our church has been focusing on prayer. This last Sunday I taught in our preteen ministry on listening to God. Doing a series on prayer has been very tricky with tweens--prayer is very abstract and tweens are very distracted. So teaching on listening to God? This girl must be crazy. But I think it's... Continue Reading →

My 26 Most Memorable Dating Moments

I recently read the new book "Modern Romance" by Aziz Ansari. I loved his book, even though it was written from a "secular" point of view--often times when Christians write books about dating and romance, it really misses the mark. They tend to focus more on what it means to "protect your heart" and "save it for... Continue Reading →

A Woman in Youth Ministry

Gina Abbas has published a book through the Youth Cartel titled, "A Woman in Youth Ministry." Gina contacted me over a year ago telling me about this book, and I was stoked!  There are very few books about women in youth ministry, and as Gina points out in her book, the few that are, are... Continue Reading →

Seven Things Women Want in Youth Ministry

This post originally appeared here: http://youthmin.org/seven-things-women-want-in-youth-ministry/ Being a woman in ministry can be difficult, especially if you are in a denomination that still doesn't fully support women in ministry.  That’s my story—I’ve been a Southern Baptist my whole (short) life, and I can’t imagine not being SBC, except for the fact that many churches won’t... Continue Reading →

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