Building a Healthy Ministry-Esteem

This post originally appeared here: I think there’s a dichotomy of the way youth pastors, or honestly anyone in general, tends to view themself: Either we are incredibly full of ourselves, or incredibly unsure of ourselves. Put another way: Either we think we’re the “poop”, or a piece of “poop.” Either way, it stinks and funks up our ministry.... Continue Reading →

Called…even in transition

This post originally appeared on : I resigned from my church a little over a year ago, on a conviction to move back to St. Louis and take care of some family matters.  It was tough.  I assumed that because God was calling me to do this, He would open up a church position for... Continue Reading →

Creating A Culture of Acceptance in Student Ministry

I got the privilege of guest-posting on Timbo's blog on how to best create a culture of acceptance in student ministry.  This topic is important to think about as we plan our programming out for the year, train volunteers, and pray over our students! Check it:

4 Easy Ways to Build Rapport with Your Senior Pastor

This article originally appeared on: As a part of YouthMin’s Leading Up series this month, I feel that one of the most important things that you can do to get your supervisor/senior pastor to be willing to learn from you, and in turn, be “led” by you, is to create a great rapport. Show them your life.... Continue Reading →

Giving Constructive Criticism @youth_min

This post originally appeared here: Confrontation.  It’s hard, it’s messy, but it’s needed. So how do you give constructive criticism to someone in a way that isn’t rejected? I’m going to present a method to give it in a way that makes the other person feel like “Hey, I’m doing a good job, I... Continue Reading →

Can a Woman Be a Youth Pastor? @youth_min

This post originally appeared here: I have grown up in the Southern Baptist Convention, a denomination of Christianity that has more conservative and traditional views of leadership.  I was always told that as a disciple of Jesus Christ, it was my responsibility to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  However, I saw... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Your Ministry Needs Women Leaders @youth_min

This post originally appeared here: Your youth ministry needs women leaders.  Before we start arguing the theology of women in ministry, I want you to hear me out:  The purpose of this post is not to advocate for ordained women, or women pastors, or to argue the Pauline view of women. The purpose of this... Continue Reading →

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