Why Campference is the Best Weekend of My Year

I just got back from #Campference with two of my best volunteers. Campference is a half-camp, half-conference event that takes place only an hour and a half away from me for middle school youth workers--it's basically a no-brainer to go to. This weekend had some fantastic moments. Here I want to highlight why Campference is not... Continue Reading →

On Tweens Theologizing the Plagues

Yesterday we talked about the Plagues with our 5th & 6th graders. We did it interactively, where our adults leaders were the Pharaoh and Egyptians, and our students acted out the plagues. After we covered our leaders in stickers, silly string, and killed all of their livestock and firstborns, we sat down to talk about... Continue Reading →

Being Myself in Ministry

People who are unashamedly and unapologetically themselves have always drawn me in. My little sister is a great example of this: She is an over-active, over-hyper, extra-stimulated version of myself. I appreciate that, because she doesn't change that part of herself for anybody. I did. Most of my childhood and teenage years, the parts of... Continue Reading →

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