#ThrowbackThursday: Heather talks about Communion

When I was growing up, I didn't understand Communion at all. And looking back, it's kind of adorable. I have four stories: Heather at 7 We called it "Lord's Supper" at my church growing up. And even though I really didn't understand it, I was drawn to it. In our tradition, you didn't receive Lord's Supper... Continue Reading →

What SBC Life Taught Me

Now that I'm in a mainline church, whenever I talk about growing up in the Southern Baptist Convention (and earning my degree from an SBC school), it's not rare to get side looks or the occasional "you poor thing..."As I reflect over the 18 years of life in the SBC, and how that shaped me... Continue Reading →

Willow Creek Leadership Summit, Day 1!

I'm very excited to join the Willow Creek Leadership Summit at the Grace Community Church satellite site in Indianapolis for the first time!  My church brings almost 100 people to this summit, and I love being able to do this with almost our entire staff team, as well as many of our dedicated volunteers.Here are... Continue Reading →

Call Me a Boom Baptist.

Evangelicalism is getting radical. In my last post on what Millennials want, I hit on this, but not completely: Evangelical Christians are not fitting into a mold anymore.  Millennials are desiring to live a faith that is not dichotomized into liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican, evangelical/mainline categories. Millennials just want to live like Jesus, and that's not in... Continue Reading →

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