25 Christmas Activity Ideas

Youth Worker Journal

I compiled a list of ideas for service projects, games, events, and more–enough for each day of Christmas.I’ve used all of these ideas in some way over the last six years, both in small groups and large groups. I combine many ideas into our yearly Overnighter, and plan to use them this month!

Check out the post over at YouthWorker Journal! http://www.youthworker.com/25-christmas-activity-ideas/

Welcoming New Students

Youth Worker Journal

It’s a new school year, which means that lots of families are checking out new churches for their teenagers.

We used to not be very good at welcoming new visitors or friends brought by our students, but since we’ve made some simple changes, we’re seeing a changed atmosphere and a new passion for inviting.

Read more about the changes we made over at YouthWorker Journal: http://www.youthworker.com/welcoming-new-students/