Introducing: Letters to the Church

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Hi all! A few years ago, as I was writing the New Testament year for our middle school ministry’s rotation, I realized that there were no series out there on the Epistles. None. Nada. There are stories on Galatians, or Corinthians, or Philippians, but none that highlight each book and some of their core teachings.

So I wrote my own.

Introducing: Letters to the Church, on Youth Specialties! You can purchase a 6-week series for just $17. This is my first curriculum with my very own name on it (I wrote for YM360’s The Thread a few years back). I’m pretty proud of it, and I hope you find it to be original and helpful!

When Teens are Gay (and it’s okay)

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I grew up in one of the most conservative denominations in the United States, and it took a long journey to come to include and affirm people who are different from me.

One of the people groups who I now embrace and love is the LGBTQ+ community. Most Christians still put this community at lengths; but after being in community with gay Christians, my heart has been changed. I had the opportunity to share this view on YouthSpecialties, who had never had this progressive view shared. I was honored and scared out of my mind. I’d love for you to read that article here.