FREEBIE: GameShow Frenzy


For our November events for middle school and high school, I decided to recreate some of my favorite game shows into competitions for our students! You can do this a few ways:

  • Create teams and have the teams compete for points
  • Allow students to earn medals for each game, and the person at the end of the night with the most medal wins. OR — each medal earns a spot in a drawing for a top prize.
  • Or, “Whose Line” style — where the points are made up and don’t apply!


For our first game, I showed a Wipeout clip from Youtube that I downloaded. Right before a stunt, I placed “Will they Wipe Out? Yes or No?” The audience moves from one side to another. You can decide to use this game as a warm-up like I did, or eliminate people who get it wrong.


You can play this two ways:

  1. You can invite students and their friends to the front of the room to guess questions about each other.
  2. Or you can do what I did — spread students apart and invite them to sit with someone they don’t know and have them guess questions about each other. I placed paper and pens on the table, assigned one person “a” and the other “b.”

Ask questions like:

  • A, what is B’s favorite color?
  • B, what is A’s favorite food?

Don’t Forget the Lyrics

For this game, I found this Youtube Video, cut 10 of my favorite clips, and used it as my game. I gave points for answering correctly, and double for singing it!

Press Your Luck

For this game, you have your guests guess trivia. I played this “Family Fued” style — I had a list of 10 possible answers, and if they got one correct, they got 100 points. However, they could press their luck and go for more points. They’d either bust “get a whammy” and be out, or they could stay and keep their points.

Minute to Win It Games

My blog on Minute to Win It Games is still one of the most popular of mine! We played several games from this post.

Price is Right: More or Less

  • For this game, we split into teams
  • Bring one person on stage to guess the price of the item
  • Each group guesses if the price is higher, lower, or exact
  • Double points are awarded if the person on the stage is within a dollar of guessing.
  • 1000 points if the person on stage gets it exactly correct

Wheel of Misfortune

  • For this game, I made our own Wheel of Fortune slides using this website.
  • I chose to do Avengers Movies.
  • Call each person up on the stage. If they get it right, they get points.
  • If they get it wrong, the Wheel of Misfortune is spun. You can play this two ways:
    • They have the opportunity to win or lose points.
    • There is a “challenge” they have to complete.
  • You can use a wheel generator like this to choose your own custom wheel!

We did both versions of this game with middle school and high school. I screen-recorded our wheel and placed it into our slides.


For this game, I purchased two items to make it easier:

How to play:

  • Split up the group into two teams – they are now “families” competing on Family Feud!
  • Split them between the two tables – Have them select a “team captain” who will go first.
  • To start the round:
    • One person from each team will come to the frontYou will choose a card from the Deck, and read it out loud.
    • First person to buzz in gets to answer.If there is another answer that could “beat” theirs, then the other team gets to take a guess.
  • The winning side gets to choose “pass” or “play.”
  • How to score:
    • The team gets to guess the rest of the answers on the card, and gets three strikes.
    • After three strikes, the other team can steal.
    • Whoever wins the round “gets” the card.
    • Play for 15-20 minutes – the team with the most cards wins!


This was, by far, the most extravagant and expensive game of the weekend. But SO fun and worth it!

Supplies: Styrofoam shapes from the Dollar Tree or a craft store, frosting, cheap cake decorating kits from Amazon, plastic tablecloths, gel food coloring, small bowls, sprinkles


  • Split group into 3 to 4 teams
  • Place plastic tablecloth down on every table
  • Give each team 20ish minutes to build the best cake using the provided ingredients.
  • Have adults pre-mix food coloring into some of the frosting containers and give to students as needed.
  • Encourage groups to come up with a theme, and split up tasks – while one person is frosting the cake, another is mixing up food coloring for piping. It’s all about time management!
  • After 25 minutes, vote or choose the best cake from the group!


Game One; Floor is Lava

Supplies: Spinner, construction paper, “lava” floor

Set-up: Scatter the markers on the floor over the “lava” tablecloth, snot river boards

  • Spin the spinner. Everyone has ten seconds to find that color marker and stand on it – people can be creative – like jump on people’s backs or whatever.
  • If they don’t make it on a marker, they are out!
  • If they are the last one to jump on that color, they are out!
  • To make it more challenging:
    • You may decide to remove papers or colors as the competition dwindles down
    • You may decide to spin TWO colors, and they have to do one body part on one color, another on the other (like Twister)
  • You may play a few rounds.

Game Two: Lava River

  • Split into two groups
  • Give each group a set of boards, cardboard, tablecloth, something to stand on.
  • Tell them they must get from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor (the lava!)

Download Here!

You can download everything I did here!

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