FREEBIE: Halloween-Themed Escape Room / Unlock the Box

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Each year for Halloween, we have an event called the Halloween Heist. Each year the Heist looks a little different — one year it was a Scavenger Hunt, another year a murder mystery party.

This year I decided to take inspiration from Escape Rooms and do an Unlock the Box-style event. There would be 4 “safes” that students would try to unlock. They would complete a series of puzzles to do so.

We did this with our high schoolers, and had them play the games as a small group. I think you could do this with any size group, and just adjust the prizes for your group’s culture. Our students had a blast, and I think we will do this type of event again!

Here are the details/script for the host:

  • Welcome to the Halloween Heist
  • The objective this evening is to solve all your puzzles first and crack the code to the safe
  • The first four teams to do so will win a fabulous prize. All four safes have the same code, but if you’re first place you will want to go for the largest prize, second place the second largest, etc.
  • The puzzles are in each room of the Lodge. You can do 1 through 5 in any order, and there is no limit of how many can work on a puzzle in the same room. (YOU COULD ALSO PLAY THIS THAT THEY COMPLETE EACH PUZZLE IN THAT ROOM, 1 THROUGH 5)
  • Do not cheat. Do not use google or a calculator.
  • When you are finished with each puzzle, a puzzle master may check it for you.
    • (LEADER) is the Puzzle Master upstairs, (LEADER) the Puzzle Master downstairs.
    • If you’re not correct, you’ll need to correct your puzzle.
    • We will have extra puzzles in case you have to start over.
    • If you’re stumped, the puzzle master may give you one clue.
  • Play to the strengths of your team, and work on it together.
  • When done with all 5, you will come get the final puzzle from me right here. When you have the final answer, it will be the combination to the lock. Come up and try your combination to win!


These are the puzzles and answer keys.


I chose to place locks on toolboxes and fill the toolboxes with prizes. We had small groups play together, so I placed in a treasure trove of snacks and Halloween candy that they could enjoy over time.

We also did gift cards to Dominoes and Starbucks that groups could use to enjoy together. We did this with our high schoolers, who often meet off-site or meet during an eating time. They were very excited about this!

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