Minute-to-Win-It Games


This year we pivoted to a completely small groups-based model, which means that all of our events are now in the context of small groups too, whether they meet online or in-person.

We give groups creative freedom to do some fun games online through this list I compiled, but we ALSO wanted to give special days devoted to fun. We are calling them “Party-in-a-Box” because we are creating kits for each of our students, whether they are in person or online, that have all the materials to create a party with their small group once a month.

For March, our theme is “Minute-to-Win-It” games. For reference, we are making 250 kits, and it cost $800 on the dot (all I have budgeted for each of these!).

Kit Contents


  1. Separate skittles into their individual colors; first to complete wins. (don’t eat because of other games)
  2. Place a popsicle stick in your mouth, and place a skittle on one at a time. First to balance 6 skittles wins (or whoever can get the most on in a minute wins)
  3. Cup-Stacking: First to make a tower with their cups and tear down wins
  4. Move The Cup: Place the red cup on top, and the five clear cups below it. Move the cups from the bottom to the top one by one. The first person to move their red cup to the bottom wins!
  5. First to suck their jello through a straw wins!
  6. Each person blow up one balloon. The person who can keep their balloon in the air the longest with just a straw wins! (or hands if in person)
  7. Using a straw, transfer gold fish from one cup to the other. First one wins.
  8. First person to bounce all three ping pong balls into one cup wins!
  9. Fill up each cup with water almost all the way to the top. Place the ping pong ball in the first cup. Blow the ping pong ball into the next cup until it lands in the last cup. First one to do one wins!
  10. Line up cups in a line on the edge of a table. Blow up the balloon (don’t tie it). Use the air to blow the cups off the table one by one.
  11. Come up with a creative way to pop the balloon without using your hands!
  12. There is a puzzle in the bag. First to put it together wins! Bonus: they can color the puzzle to make it their own!
  13. There is a Rubix cube in the bag. First to place it together wins!
  14. Use the playdoh to make a creation. Get the group to guess what you made — first one to guess correctly gets a point.
  15. WHEN DONE: Use everything in your bag to make an epic tower! Best one wins!

BONUS MINUTE GAME – Scattegories – Instruct everyone to get a pen and a piece of paper. Place one minute on the clock — name as many XYZ in a minute as you can. Whoever has the most UNIQUE characters at the end wins! You can also use an online version of Scattegories.

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