35+ Group Games Games You Can Play on Zoom


This year we pivoted to a small groups-based model, with both in-person and online options. While in-person groups have board games and other activities they can do, we initially found it difficult to keep our groups on Zoom entertained. Here are some of the games we’ve loved — 35 games listed just as a starting point (and I’ll add more as we go!)

Group Games – Extra Device Needed

Group Games – Download the Same App

  • Among Us: Have everyone download the app, get a private room, and play along!
  • Heads Up: It’s like Charades, but an app everyone would have to have
  • Psych: Like Two Truths and a Lie, a fun hit!

Group Games – No extra device needed

  • Powerpoint Games from DYM: We LOVE using games from Download Youth Ministry with our group. Since we are in a small groups model, we download the games and then place them on Google Drive. We tell small groups they can play those games, and have created a small library for them. Just be careful not to use games that are “Sidekick Only,” as each leader would have to purchase and download Sidekick.
  • Charades/Pictionary/Hangman/”Gurgle the Song”: We’ve given groups a bunch of words (or they can do their own) and then they can choose how to play those. Some groups love annotating on Zoom. You can also use this generator
  • Random Trivia Generator: You can show the trivia on your screen or read it from your phone, and students can anser.
  • BINGO – You could always send the students the cards and chips.
  • Murder Mystery Parties – You would send the materials in advance. Here are is one option of virtual mystery parties!
  • Scavenger Hunt – Come up with a list of items, and have your students race to find them! You can also do this with sentiment; i.e. “find the item that best represents your week,” “find a picture that means something to you,” etc.
  • I-Spy – Play using anything from anyone’s screen background!
  • Chopped/Cooking Competition – With parent permission of course, you can do cooking challenges with your group via Zoom. Send them some supplies to cook from, set parameters (microwave only for middles?), and let them dream!

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