Top Reads of 2018

new years resolutions

Last year I made a big resolution — that I would read every book on my bookshelf before purchasing new books.

That was a total of 39 books. Yes, thirty-nine books on my shelf (not counting the ones I’ll never read, LOLZ).

While I didn’t get through all of them (or even half of them), I did want to list out those that I did complete:

  1. Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy – Sheryl Sandburg & Adam Grant
  2. Daring Greatly – Brene Brown
  3. The Gifts of Imperfection – Brene Brown
  4. The Volunteer Revolution – Bill Hybels
  5. The Volunteer Project – Kizer, Keisher, Whitacre
  6. Ministry by Teenagers: Developing Leaders from Within – McKee & Smith
  7. Building your Volunteer Team (30-Day Project)
  8. Right Click – Kara Powell
  9. Inspired – Rachel Held Evans
  10. What is the Bible? – Rob Bell
  11. Out of Sorts – Sarah Bessey
  12. In the Name of Jesus – Nouwen
  13. Social Principles of the UMC 2017-2020
  14. Visioneering – Andy Stanley
  15. The Motivation Myth – Jeff Haden
  16. The Road Back to You – Cron, Stabile
  17. Next Generation Leader – Andy Stanley
  18. Common Prayer – Shane Claiborne

This year, I have some BIG GOALS in mind.

  1. I plan to attend seminary beginning this Fall to pursue my Master’s in Divinity. I’ve long-desired to go to seminary, even touring potential schools in my undergrad. But, it’s taken me some time to figure out what I believe–not just about faith but about my principles and where I should spend my future. While I haven’t been accepted yet, I am excited to get a top-notch education that helps me pursue my professional goals.
  2. I want to get healthier. Now that I’m married and baby-making is in the somewhat-near-but-not-too-near-so-calm-down-Mom-future, I want to get my body and my life in order. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a disorder that has reproductive, hormonal, and metabolic implications. In 2018 I focused on my mental health, and have my hormones under control. But this year I want to fix my metabolic issues with the hope that everything else can fall into line.
  3. Last, I’m focusing on Habits. In 2017 I read a lot of books on Habits, but I didn’t succeed. I now have a “Health Tracker” bullet journal which focuses primarily on the habits that I’m building week-by-week. I am hopeful that this, along with the Youth Pastor Diet Community and the participation of my husband, that this will help me get on track.

In 2018 I got stagnant in all areas — my faith, my health, my job… But this year I am proclaiming victory over all of this. It’s daunting to say “Hey y’all, this year I’m going to lose weight, start seminary, and actually follow through on stuff.” But I don’t think I am going to fail this time. I just can’t. You get to a point where you realize that you haven’t been operating like your true self — and that is my story. My disease impacted my mental health, my grit, my ambition — and I want to be “me” again.

So watch out, world. Your favorite Enneagram 8 is coming for ya.

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