18 Goals for 2018

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Each year I try to set a goal for the year, something that guides me. One year it was to learn all of Taylor Swift’s latest album on the guitar. Another year it was to use all my vacation days. . One year it was to meditate on the word “resolve.”  Last year I wrote this diddy for YouthWorker Journal on 17 resolution ideas.

This year I want to do 18 things:

  1. Travel to one new place.
  2. Take my lunch at least two days a week.
  3. Join a three-month weightloss challenge with hundreds of other youth pastors around the world.
  4. Write at least four blogs a month.
  5. End the day with five minutes of prayer.
  6. Plan my work to-do lists six months in advance of each big activity.
  7. Sleep at least seven hours each night.
  8. Spend eight hours each month doing a hobby just for me: guitar, writing, etc.
  9. Get to know nine new people.
  10. No screens after ten pm each “school night.”
  11. Pay off my last eleven car payments.
  12. Attend at least twelve counseling sessions.
  13. Try thirteen new recipes (once a month plus a bonus)
  14. Take fourteen days of vacation.
  15. Read the Bible and journal for fifteen minutes each day.
  16. Add sixteen people to my middle school ministry team.
  17. Stop writing two-thousand seventeen on everything.
  18. Read eighteen books.

I’m going to take this list and put it on my mirror, so I can see it each day and remind myself of my goals. What are you doing this year?

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