17 Things I Learned in 2017

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Yesterday I saw my friend, Paul Turner, post a list of 17 things that he learned this year. As I read his list, I started thinking about how this has been a year where I have learned a whole lot about myself. Here are 17 things:

  1. Rather than focusing on strengthening my weaknesses, I should focus on how to highlight my strengths and find others to fill my gaps.
  2. Therapy is great for an extrovert, because you get to talk for an hour and then you’re given a challenge to better yourself.
  3. Safety is my number one concern and trigger.
  4. My church is the most special place to be on the planet.
  5. Podcasts are the best way to get through road trips.
  6. Aspartame makes my ankles swell up.
  7. I’m pretty good at blackjack.
  8. I have an entire section of grey hair growing in my bangs.
  9. I need to calm.the.heck.down and not let things bother me as much.
  10. The more I put up boundaries, the more I’ll focus on those boundaries and forget the things that actually matter.
  11. Being in love with your best friend is not some cheesy thing, but the best thing you could ever hope for.
  12. Sometimes I allow people to emotionally drain me because it feels nice to be needed.
  13. People don’t fear change, they fear loss (I had read this in a Carey Nieuwhof book, but this was the year I learned that truth).
  14. If you’re going to trust people, you have to choose to trust them completely.
  15. My mom is the first person I now turn to when I have a situation I can’t talk to anybody else about.
  16. When we tell young people that they can lead in any capacity…they can surprise you with some incredible things.
  17. My job is a whole lot more than meetings and lists, and I need to put those down and get out there with people (both for my job itself and my personal sanity).

What is your list of 17? What have you learned this year–about yourself, about others, about your job, about parenting, about life?

And, since often times these things cycle through…how can you honor the things you learned in 2017 so that you don’t forget them?

For me, I know that the things I learned this year will be the truths that, out of need, I will take into a new year. Happy New Year, everyone!

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