5 Tips for Type A Ministers


I’m Type A, and at times I think the “A” stands for Anxiety, which personally turns me into ADHD if I don’t handle it properly. Being Type-A can be a blessing and a curse. Here are 5 tips that I have learned.

Chill on the lists.

One of that characteristics of being Type A is that I always have a to-do list, and I when I check something off of that to-do list, I get a rush of adrenaline.

The downside for youth ministry is this: there is always something to do.  So, if I live off of the mentality that I must check the things off my checklist in order to be content, I’m going to live a very panicked life. That is why I do the next point in order to help–

Set a standard

Every morning I look at my list, and I say to myself, “What are the necessary things I must do today in order to claim today as a success?” For example, I may have 30 things on a to-do list at any time, but  what are the basic things that I can do before I call it a day and go home?

Here’s an example: Yesterday it was to clean out my email, prepare adequately in order to have three meetings with 5 volunteers (crazy day!), and form an outline for our March retreat. This morning I decided that if I made my Sunday lesson, made our announcements, and contacted leaders it would be a success. Of course, there were other things I did, or different parts that went into that. But that defined success for my day and allowed me to go home without anxiety.

Turn off the notifications

Every time my phone goes off, I feel the need to check it… that is why I turn off my “push notifications” or “mobile network” for a majority of the day. When I have the time to check my email, I will check it; I don’t need a notification going off every two minutes with an email, or I will drop everything and check it.

Set personal boundaries.

Type A people feel like they can take on the world, and conquer it alone. First of all, learn to say “no” to unnecessary tasks. Second of all, learn how to delegate tasks to others…and trust that they can do a successful job at it. Lastly, leave some time for a personal life.

Learn vision.

One of the blessings of Type-B people is that they are vision people. They can see the big picture of things, whereas Type A people are tasks and short-term thinkers. Either learn to see the big picture, or surround yourself with people who do.

What do you consider yourself to be–Type A or Type B? How do you set yourself up for success?

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