12 Last-Minute Youth Ministry Ideas for AUTUMN

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I LOVE the autumn season.  You would probably expect that from a female such as myself, because Fall = cardigans + scarves + PSL (pumpkin spice lattes).

But Fall is also FULL of great opportunities for student ministry.  Here are some quick, easy, and CHEAP options for your fall calendar. I was rather brief, so if you’d like more ideas, hit me up below and our community can help you out!

  1. Bonfires. Duh! S’mores, hot chocolate, PSLs, etc! Tell some really stupid ghost stores, maybe do some campfire worship, play some outside games, and try not to let the middle school boys get too close to the fire.
  2. Costume contest.  Make a themed party–80s, Duck Dynasty (if you haven’t already played that card), hillbilly, etc.!   My teen sister’s church is doing a Bible-themed costume party, and her friends are going to be Moses, Bob, and Larry (Veggietales, hello!).
  3. Host a “barn dance.”  Have a little line dancing, hay bales, and country outfits. Make sure no one spikes the apple cider.
  4. Make Hand Turkeys.  I know this sounds super third-grade, but I hosted turkey parties all throughout college, and they were a hit! Have paper, cardstock, glitter, googly eyes, feathers, and lots of other crazy items to glue onto the turkeys.
  5. Pumpkin-carving contest. Have groups compete to make the best pumpkin, and have a prize for the best group. For added ridiculousness, BYOP (bring your own pumpkin).
  6. Fall treat baking night.  This might be more for your ladies, but everyone loves fall treats! Perhaps you can bring them to a nursing home, homeless shelter, food pantry, or pass them around to your neighborhood!
  7. Scavenger Hunt.  It is the PERFECT weather for a scavenger hunt, whether you’re foraging for food, doing an Instagram hunt, or doing a Service Scavenger Hunt. Regardless, PERFECTION.
  8. Group trips. Go apple-picking, pumpkin picking, or to a hay ride. If your church is okay with the paranormal, hit up a haunted house or corn maze.  Keep in mind that they cost a bit more compared to the other options.
  9. Fifth Quarters. Football games are great opportunities to get to know your students’ culture and peer community. Host Rated-PG parties after the football games for students with tons of pizza and games.
  10. Rake leaves. Go rake your neighborhood. Look up all the old ladies in your church’s directory and go invade their yard. Be nice, though.
  11. Chili/Soup Cook-off.  You can do this for fun or even to raise money.
  12. Turkey Drive. Collect all the makings for Thanksgiving dinner in order to feed families who cannot afford it.

These ideas aren’t meant to be mind-blowing, but to get your juices flowing. Have some great ideas? Post them below!

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