Undercover Boss

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One of my teens said the most BRILLIANT thing the other day, that I feel like I MUST share.

Jesus was an “Undercover Boss.”

You’ve seen that show, right?  The CEO of a company goes “undercover” and starts from the bottom of their company, learning about their company’s strengths and weaknesses.  Then the CEO redeems the company by gifting its hard-working members and bettering the company as a whole.

Jesus did that!  Jesus sunk down as the lowest of the low: “Hey ya’ll, I’m just a carpenter!”

Jesus learned about how the leaders were corrupt, how those who His Kingdom was to serve weren’t being served properly.  When He redeemed everything in the end, He didn’t just give a few raises; but He gave eternal life to whomever. That’s pretty legit.

Then in the end, He’s all like, “By the way, I’m the CEO of the WORLD.”

So, I maybe translated it a little differently. But this HAS to bring a smile to your face :)

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