Making a Ministry Transition? You’re Not the Only One!

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Recently, YouthMin.Org‘s contributors have been going through quite a few transitions in ministry.  This Monday, one contributor started their first day at his new church.  Last Sunday, another contributor was hired at a new church.  A few months ago, another contributor was promoted within his church.  Last year, I can count of at least two contributors that also changed churches. Last year, YM brought on a new contributor specifically because of the need for his job-guru abilities, as we found many within our Facebook community were also searching. And myself? I’m looking for a church, so hit me up ;)

Since it’s our natural inclination to blog about everything we are going through, especially when related to student ministry, we had quite a few posts come out of these transitions that I encourage you to check out if you are going through transition:

leaving youth ministry

youth pastor spiritual health

Then with the help of David Miller of Slingshot, we brought the YouthMin.Org Job Board! I must say, I’m kind of in love with the way it looks.  Another service YM will offer soon is resume building and interview coaching.   The job board is still pretty new, so I also have a post that I update frequently that is an exhaustive list of different job boards. Jobs Openings

We had been kind of MIA from our Roundtables and Tweetchats, so we knew that it just made sense that our first one should be something to tie in all of these wonderful things that we have been bringing to the table…….sooo… here it is :)

I had the privilege of running the Tweetchat, where people tweeted using the hashtag #youthmin. I’m not technologically-savvy enough to embed the conversation (stay updated…haha), but go to the Youth_Min Twitter page and read all the fun things I tweeted!

What are some blog posts, videos, or other resources that have helped you in your transition period?

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