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Hey friends!

Well, here I am, 36 days away from graduation.  I put in my two weeks at the residence facility, and announce on Sunday my pending resignation from the church. It makes this all very real.  I’ve been applying ALL OVER the place, but I’m not getting anything solid back.  Churches take soooo long, ya know?  I keep begging God to get it figured out NOW. MY timing.  But I trust that even if I’m so close without answers, it’s because there is still something to this process that I need.  That’s what I stated back at the beginning of my senior year when I began this meltdown of a journey, right?  God isn’t going to throw me the answer in order for me to trust him. He’s going to make me trust him so I can get an answer.  He wants a growing process for me.

So here I am, tying up some loose ends.  Trying to have the time of my life with the people I will miss.  Trying to teach people to take my place in organizations I am in.  Trying to get my youth in a good place for when I leave.  Praying that my residents will not take this harshly.


Sometimes you need to scream.


Also, I would like to brag: I got a 100% on my New Testament Theology exam. Bam shazamm. If only I could put that on my resume? ;)

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