Happy New Year!

youth ministry

Gotcha! It’s August!

You just walked out your door hoping to see snow.  Boy were you confused when you started sweating.

It’s a new school year.  I don’t have any advice, as I am a busy busy girl and don’t have much to say.  I’m thankful that there are 170342 youth ministry gurus out there to give you all kinds of advice on how to handle the new year of youth ministry.

Why am I blogging then?  I’m blogging a cool idea!

We are having a New Years’ party at Grace Fellowship!  Sunday we have Promotion Sunday, then after service the hospitality committee is putting on a lunch, and we’re having hotdogs and milkshakes (snocones too!).  Then that night is a great surprise!  We’re having a New Years’ party.  They are going to make a list of New Years Resolutions, play some games that would usually only be played on December 31st, and more!  I’m pretty pumped about this idea.

Now, it’s super tough trying to find supplies in the middle of August.  I called every Dollar Tree and Party City and Hobby Lobby within a 45 minute radius.  Nothing.  But I have an Amazon Prime account, so I ordered a few things off of there that will be shipped to my door Saturday! Bazinga!

Another cool thing we are doing this year is an idea called “Blessing Buddy”.  Each person is going to draw a name out of a hat, and they are going to go out of their way to bless that person.  We tried this for a month, and I saw a few flaws in it.  One, the night we draw names not everyone is there.  It may be easier to just assign names.  Two, how do we bless them?  My youth are taking manila folders and filling out an info sheet about them, then attaching it to the folder.  If they wanna decorate it, hey.  Then we are attaching them to the wall.  Their blessing buddy can creep on their folder, and if they make something small enough to fit in there, they can.  Or they can leave instructions in there and lead them on a scavenger hunt to their real present….ooo.

Well, there are two fun ideas for you.  Let me know if you do any of them and how they go!

How do you handle the New Year in youth ministry?
What are some new ideas you are excited to implement?

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