My friend wrote me a sonnet…


Heather’s Sonnet
by Katie Mortimer

I know a gal who makes really cool things
Like entries in blogs and super earrings
And all the world stops to hear when she sings–
It’s Toby and KJ52 that she pings;
She’s prayerfully awesome– to Christ she clings.
We all see she’s pure by her promise rings.
She writes on advice she gets from First Kings,
Going further on other very deep things.
To every convo a question she brings–
Like how we should dance at all our spring flings.
It is ok that her bling makes cha-chings?
Is there aught to learn from the ancient Mings?
But my favorite thing she’s asked from her heart
Was: Is it better to burp or to fart?

3 thoughts on “My friend wrote me a sonnet…

  1. Sometimes the English language captures the essence of a person's inner being. From what I know of you, I think Katie got you just about right! Blessings to you, Heather!

  2. Thank you Carl! That really makes me smile! I think there are so many "inside" things to this poem that only people who really know me would understand, because I'm so weird and multi-faceted (As Shrek would say, I'm like an onion; there are many different layers to me). But I'm glad that somebody who doesn't know me like Katie can still see me through this poem!

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