Why I’ve Been MIA

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I haven’t written in about a month.  This is very odd for me, because I love writing, love blogging, and use both as a way of sorting my thoughts out.  I’ve had a LOT of thoughts, trust me.  And I have a list of things I WANT to blog about that will probably get cranked out here soon.  I’ve even started writing some of them, I just had to stop and do other things.  So this post is just to highlight my last month, I suppose. We’ll see where it’ll take us ;)

I was very very busy with school. Remarkably busy.  I was very burnt out.  Between exegeticals and projects, and exams…I was tired.  I really didn’t have time for anything else, but made time for my youth, scheduled in some social life, and relied on caffeine. Perhaps too much!  Finals week, nothing seemed to pay off.  I bombed every last one of my finals.  Therefore I ended up with grades that were less than what I hoped.  I ended out okay, and learning that you can not take 18 hours full of Bible and Theology classes, succeed, and be a successful youth pastor all at the same time, nevertheless add a social life beyond that.  I was constantly frustrated, consistently burnt out.

 I am ironically taking Biology in a week, but I am happy about that.  It will give me the opportunity to see people “my own age” here in Bolivar as I spend the summer with youth.  Last week I saw 2 people the whole week my age, and I realized that I am NOT a person of solitude or a person that was created to be alone.  I need community and fellowship too much :).  That being said, I have to prioritize what that is going to look like.  This semester I have made a switch in who I hang out with.  There is a difference in hanging out with Pharisees and participating in Pharisaical behavior.  I ended up participating.  Gossiping is so sickening to me, and I do it so much.  Especially when people who are Christians spend all their time gossiping…It makes me literally sick to my stomach.

Right now I don’t have a job outside of church.  I’m a little in debt because of charging my credit card with gas for a few trips to help my dad move out of my house and going for my best friend’s graduation.  I really do not wish to see it build up interest. oogh.  Just be praying for me in that area.  I have seen God provide time and time again.  I was just an idiot in spending money.

So what am I up to this summer?  I’m going to be a youth pastor and a biology student, as of this point.  I will hopefully score a job and pay off a little of school.  I will relax and remember why I loved ministry, friendship, learning.  I will think about what I’m going to do in a year when I am done with school and have to get a big girl job.  I will knock off some of those new year resolutions.  I will blog like a maniac!  And I will continue growing to Christ’s likeness.

This post is so random, don’t even read it. Oh, too late. My bad.

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