A letter to SUMMER.

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Dear Summer,

I want you more than I have ever wanted you.  I was crazy thinking that I could take 18 hours this semester, including some of the most challenging courses academically and spiritually I will ever take.  I was crazy to put that on top of church work.  I was crazy to take on extra assignments at church and personally.  Then trying to be social with the organizations I am involved in.  I was crazy.

But I did it.  You are 10 days away.  I am going to have great grades, possibly my best semester yet (if I pass that dumb class).  I will keep you at the front of my thoughts, second only to Jesus, as I conquer that dumb class and all of my finals.  We can do this. We can.

Then we can frolic in the fields together.  I can sleep in your arms.  You will give me a glow.  It will be beautiful.  I can read all those books I want to.  I can focus on church.  I can get another job (err…).

We will be beautiful together, you and me.  Wait 10 days for me.  Just 10.  Then our love will increase.  This will be our last time together, as in a year I might have to grow up, and our love won’t exist anymore because a job will have to come before our love.  Gross.


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