Irrational Trust in God?


I trust in God too much.

Wait, what?

That’s what was brought to my attention this week.  I have been given a LOT to deal with in my short lifetime.  I’m merely a babe of 21, and I have dealt with a lot of things that many will never understand or comprehend.  I’m okay with that.  And I don’t want to glorify that, either.  There have been times (I talked about this a little bit in my last post) where all I had to do WAS trust that God would provide for me.

God is a god for the poor, whether it’s poor monetarily or in spirit.  This is a theme throughout the Bible.  God chooses to love on those who are hurting, those who according to society weren’t the blessed, those who got picked last in dodgeball (it’s biblical ;)).  When I talk to mature Christians about their conversion experiences and times in their life when they began to radically follow Christ, that moment always follows a period of brokenness.  Ben Rector put it in one of his songs that “You don’t need Jesus until you’re here,” meaning, you only need Jesus when you get to that point of brokenness.  Only when you realize there’s that void, only when you realize you need something more, can you realize your need for Christ.  God only calls those who need him.

I pray for brokenness alchl the time.  If I try to do this on my own, I will get prideful and cast God aside. God provides that brokenness, and always provides peace in that brokenness.  I have learned to really trust God in every aspect of my life.  Recently, God told me to believe that he could provide something extraordinary, something that is outside of my comfort zone.  I, knowing my God and knowing that he has always provided, trusted that he could provide even in this radical and irrational situation.  And that’s what someone (a Christian at that) called it–they thought it was irrational for me to believe that God could do this.  Irrational?  Trusting in God to provide?  I’m pretty sure that’s called Christian. Jesus the Christ, when calling his disciples to follow him, called them to leave their nets, their families, their comforts, renounce everything and hate everything in comparison to their love for him.  That sounds like one of the most irrational things I have ever heard.  Yet it makes so much sense.  Following Jesus Christ is irrationally rational.  When Jesus was teaching, nobody thought, “Wow, this guy is making so much sense.”  Everyone was like, “Who is this guy? What is he teaching? This is so different than the way I’ve been doing things.”

I encourage you to think about the way you are following Christ right now.  If it’s easy, then you are doing something wrong (unless you get to a point of ultimate trust, where trusting in God is automatically done without second-guessing…but I doubt that many of us do that).  We are called to live radically and irrationally with our time, with our money, with our talents, and with our love.  I suggest you read Radical by David Platt. It changed my life.  Literally.  I can only say that about a few books.  What this world calls radical, crazy, irrational, is what the Bible calls “Christian.” Check it out and challenge me if I’m wrong.

(as a random note, sometimes I feel like links are my footnotes, as if I’m writing a paper or exegetical. LOL)

3 thoughts on “Irrational Trust in God?

  1. I served Jesus for 28 years a a Christian professional. I KNEW all the right stuff. 4 years ago I was broken by sin, and I began to truly understand grace and trust God. So much better than knowing…

  2. Great post. I liked the last part about "if its easy to trust in God, you may be doing something wrong" I've never felt so close to God as I have the last several weeks, but going through some things right now where I still am finding it tough to take this giant step of faith.

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