Free Student Ministry Curriculum: Poverty

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One of my “platforms” in ministry (because we all have them) is poverty and other social injustices.  This is in part from experiencing poverty first-hand and seeing God’s provision.  But it’s also in the fact that I cannot hear about the 30,000 children dying each day from malnutrition and not be moved, not want to do something about it.  I can’t hear about the millions around the world dying from AIDS because they aren’t educated, dying from malaria and other diseases that are perfectly preventable.  I just can’t.

When planning for the 30 Hour Famine, I realized that there seems to be a lack of curriculum dealing with poverty.  So I went hunting!  Here is a list of some curriculum that I found, thought wasn’t too shabby, and suggest for youth groups to use!

Perspectives on Global Poverty–$10 or download online for a donation (or for free). 8 Lessons
The Least of These: God, Poverty, and You–$50. By the YM360 team! There is a free sample on the site so you can preview a full lesson before you buy! 4 Lessons
30 Hour Famine: How to Study the Bible–Free. Written by Tim Schmoyer.  You need to scroll down a little for this! 4 lessons
Ending Poverty in Community–Free. 6 Lessons
Hungry for the Kingdom–Free. Written by Kara Powell and Fuller Youth Institute especially for 30 Hour Famine. 4 Lessons
Bead for Life–Free. Not faith-based, but interesting facts and approaches.
The Five Talents–Free. or 4-6th grade, but can be adapted for other grades. 4 lessons.
Compassion by Command: Perspectives for Urban Ministries–$50. Targeted towards urban ministries. 4 Lessons.
Taking Root: Hunger Causes, Hunger Hopes–Curriculum for the whole congregation! Varies in prices (about 2.50 per book)
Hunger and Malnutrition–Free. Not faith based, but great curriculum nonetheless. Differing age groups. 3 Lessons.
Poverty Curriculum–Free. Not faith-based. Has curriculum on differing aspects of poverty.
Walk With the Poor–Free. Light curriculum. 4 Lessons

If you have any others, or have used any of these, please comment and let me know!  When I am finished writing my 30 Hour famine curriculum, it will get posted here:  _______ :)

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