Stormageddon :)


I hate posting twice in a day, but I wanted to write this on facebook and it wouldn’t let me write all that I wanted:

Every time it storms, it makes me think of this song. Last summer it stormed a LOT. I would be driving home from my internship in the evening (about a 30-min drive) and it would storm like crazy, lightning crackling and just craziness. I would listen to this song as it the sky lit up. It was such a beautiful reminder to me that the God I worship is so much greater. That right now, there is lightning, but in a while there will be peace and stillness.  God is glorified rain or shine, and it is all for his glory.  I take this metaphor both figuratively and literally.  The God I serve is powerful. So much higher than anything else in and outside this world we dwell in.

Plus, when the lighting is thundering and this track is bumping, it makes a great pair :)

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