This Semester…and other rambling! :)

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Well, this semester is going to be very interesting, very difficult, and very worth it!  I’m taking two upper-level Bible courses, Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ and Pentateuch.  I was convicted to take Pentateuch after realizing that some of my students probably know more about Genesis than me (they are also focusing on that in Sunday School, so that adds to it!).  I love Dr. Bayer, he is one of the funniest professors I have ever had!  He’s very intelligent, yet funny at the same time.  And scatter-brained.  I bet that if I were an old man who taught Old Testament and knew Hebrew I would be just like Dr. Bayer. pahahaha.  As for Life and Teachings, I’m pretty pumped and rightly nervous.  I heard this class is going to rock my faith and cause me to ask a lot of questions.  I’m excited to learn about what Jesus was really like, not the Jesus that we have fit into our Americanized Christianity.

Speaking of, here is an image that I found today and thought was interesting:

I’m also taking Principles of Teaching, an easy yet informative class; Camp and Retreat Administration, which I heard mixed things about but am excited about; Guitar, enough said pahaha; History of Christianity 2, which I’m getting used to Dr. Bass so I’m sure I will do well; and Apprenticeship.  Apprenticeship is a class where I document every single little thing I do with my youth group.  Dr. Jones, beware.  I do a lot.  I don’t think he understands exactly what he is asking of me.  But I am excited to learn how to baptize people and all that other cool stuff that you don’t learn in theology classes.

Which also brings me to another ramble, I’m officially a theology minor. Oh yesh. I’m getting smarter by the second. And more arrogant.  Which reminds me… please pray for me, that I will be more humble.  I’m really struggling with my pride.  The only pride that I want to have is a pride full of lion’s (Lecrae song reference!).  Thank you guys for affirming me privately about who I am in Christ.  It means a whole lot.

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