New Design? yes :) Oh yeah, and some resolutions.

new years resolutions

Well, you know me.  Can’t sit still for too long.  So I redid the background a little.  I wanted things to look a little more polished, and I hope this accomplishes that.  I hope.

So I’m normally not into resolutions, but I decided this year to adopt a “bucket list” of things to do.

Ps, the origin of the term “bucket list” comes from the term “kick the bucket”, which means to die.  So essentially a bucket list is a list of things that a person wishes to do before they die.  But hey, since the world is ending in 2012, I guess this list can work the same way ;)

Heather’s 21 Resolutions for 2011 
(Why 21? because I turn 21 in 10 days :D)
1.  Go out of the country.  This is a huge one for me.  I have made up excuses for a LONG time for not doing this.  But I’m extremely convicted.  So this is going to happen.
2.  Try saurcraut.  It’s my mom’s least favorite food, so thus I’ve never had it.
3. Pick up speaking Spanish again.  I used to speak it all the time.  There’s no reason for me to lose 6 years of classes for nothing.
4.  Crash a wedding.
5.  Eat pizza with anchovies. I just wanna know why everyone thinks its so fishy! ha.
6.  I will regain my love for reading and read copious amounts of books.
7.  I will do all my homework…………………………………….maybe.
8.  Buy one of those page-a-day devotion calendars and read it every morning as I brush my teeth.
9.  Blog once a week.
10.  Sing a solo in church.  I used to all the time when I was a kid.
11.  Become the owner of Quelf.
12.  I will meet my future husband. ;)
13.  Host a dance party.
14.  Eat healthier (had to throw a boring one in there!)
15.  I will whip my hair back and forth when I encounter opposition.
16.  Double the size of my small youth group.
17.  I will visit a beach. I have never been to a legit beach.
18.  I will sing in the shower at the TOP of my lungs when all my housemates are here.
19.  Keep track of my budget and not use my debit card even half as much.
20.  I will not get on Facebook in class…………..maybe.
21.  I will become addicted to the show “My Strange Addiction.”

What are some of your Resolutions? :)

2 thoughts on “New Design? yes :) Oh yeah, and some resolutions.

  1. So really all u need to do is go to mexico eat a pizza with anchovies and saurkraut while on a beach, crash a wedding as the “american cousin” and leave your bank card at home p.s it took me an hour to log into my blog because apperently google dosent like me

  2. i could also whip my hair if I drink nasty water there in my attempt to eat healthier (drinking water is healthy, duh), have a Mexican dance party, and meet my future Mexican husband. All while using my spanish. WIN! oh, and bring some mexican teens back with me to be in my youth group.

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