Dear Sam…


Dear Sam,
This completely and utterly stinks.  I miss you so much.  I’m so ticked that your life was taken because of a drunk driver.  I’m sad that you were so young.  It sucks that it was the same week as the anniversary of Sam Lipka.  I just don’t even know what to say.

I remember when we first met in middle school.  We rode the bus together every day.  We were typical middle-schoolers.  One day we hated each other, but the next day we had each other’s backs.  I remember that you were one of the ones that brought a lot of new styles to Ferg Middle with you.  You were pretty much like Avril Lavigne, and we called you that.  We didn’t always get along, but we didn’t have to.  We bonded every day and I can’t ever remember a time where I hated you.
High school, we didn’t see each other as much, but our relationship definitely grew.  We are so different, but that never seemed a problem.  Remember Drama class? Our production of the Wizard of Oz?  I remember you telling me I only got the part of Dorothy because I didn’t do any other plays.  I also remember the countless laughs that we shared in that class. That class was boss!
We always seemed to have a class together.  In Brit Lit, I hated all the books.  But you loved them.  You loved English class and you were always reading something.
I will never forget your big purses, your distinct giggles, you making fun of my pledge to purity.  I remember “Bringing Dillon Back” and our Senior shirts.  What would you do for a jolly rancher? haha we thought we were so clever.  I remember laughing about your height, complaining about our huge breasts, and just the weird sexual jokes.  The notes we passed were hilarious, and filled with pictures of “turds” I cannot remember how that started, but it started pretty early in our relationship.  Even after high school, we joked about it over facebook, which was really our only interaction.  I thought it was crazy when your brother married one of my best friends growing up.  I laughed as we joked about me marrying you and your boo at the time.
I think one of my favorite things about you was that you were you.  You didn’t apologize for that.  You knew exactly who you thought you were.
I am going to miss you.  I think a lot of people are.  You had your friends, your enemies, your frienemies.  I’m learning how  fragile life is.  I’m also learning how important the relationships I had in high school really are to me.  I might act like high school meant nothing to me, but they did.  I miss high school sometimes, because we were so naiive and honestly, that was the simplist life would ever get.
Sam, I love you, and I’m learning through this.
Love, Heather :)

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