Boys Ruin Everything

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Most of the time, I post about what God is doing in my life. But I need a moment to rant. To be fair, I am a woman and have fluctuating hormones. As this is the week that my hormones are particularity high, I just need to get it all out.

Why do boys ruin things? Seriously. How come you can’t just be friends with a boy? It just has become ridiculous. The Lord has been teaching me how to control my male relationships, because in the past I struggled with not protecting my heart. But I have it down now, or at least down enough to know when I am and am not protecting myself (in reality, I might just be too good at protecting myself). But back to my rant. It seems like boys do not understand how to be just friends with a girl. If a girl gets close, it must mean she just wants to be your boo.
NO! It is perfectly healthy to have friends of the opposite sex! Boys! Quit being awkward and let a girl be your friend! She needs strong men in her life! Yes, men! So quit being boys and grow into men and give ladies of all ages a strong man to rely on and befriend!
Here’s the other way that I have been disappointed by males lately:
We are in a Mancession. Read about it in NewsWeek, Time, etc. Men aren’t employed as much as women. More accurately, men aren’t stepping up to the plate. There was an article about it in our school’s paper, and it got me more furious than I already was, to tell you the truth. I know of countless ministries that need men to head them, or even men to volunteer their time to them, but there are hardly any stepping up to the plate. I’m so tired of hearing every year at missions chapel “we need you men!” and not seeing very many sign up. It’s getting ridiculous. I cannot find one guy, just ONE GUY to help me with my ministry. It’s ridiculous!!! Seriously! You would think that Christian men would step up to the plate, but they are just as pansy as the nons.
I know I’m going to get a lot of crap for this post. And quite frankly, I don’t care. In the past, I had a comment by someone who said that I am a man-hater. Quite the opposite. I am a man-lover. I just can’t seem to find many men in our age. I don’t see many guys who are like Jesus Christ. And that’s honestly how I see it.

One thought on “Boys Ruin Everything

  1. Heather I love your posts. They make my day! I hope all those boys out there see this and realize they need to be a leader for the other guys out there. Love youu!

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