If You Believe in Change, DO IT!

christianity, youth ministry

This is a pet peeve of mine that I have had for a very very very long time, and I think it’s time I blog about it. Ha!

One of my favorite self-made quotes that I have been saying for years is, “Don’t complain about something unless you are willing to change it.”

I will always say that, and I have made an addition appropriate for the rest of this blog’s rant: “NEVER complain about something you wish to change, unless you are ACTIVELY working to change it.”

After working with four different youth groups outside of my own experience being IN a youth group, as well as listening to stories from all my friends who have BEEN in youth groups, as well as being in youth ministry classes where I hear stories ABOUT different youth groups, there is a common theme: Teenagers want change in their youth group. They want more unity. They want to be close. But they don’t want to be the one to step out of their comfort zones and change it. So they sit back and complain.

My challenge to any teenage students is this: If you want a change to happen in your youth group, YOU need to be the one to initiate it. If you know that something needs to happen, something needs to change, ask God for wisdom concerning the area. The Bible tells us that if you are lacking in that area, to ask God and that He will graciously provide. If you realize a need for change, but don’t know how to change it, ask God for discernment.

This was a short rant, but I hope that you will take this to heart and apply it to every part of your life.

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