I’m not dead! :)

youth ministry

Hey guys, a quick post to tell you that I will try to be posting throughout the summer. Buttt, life is hectic! I got an internship at First Baptist Church of Maryville. It’s an amazing opportunity to work with High School girls and learn more about youth ministry while in the field. So far it has been crazyyyyyy!!! I have a special 16 girls that I am going to be trying to connect with personally throughout the summer a few times a week. We will be hanging out in discipleship, as I help to prepare them to become servant leaders in a global society (yep I stole from SBU’s mission statement, haha). In the first three days I have worked there, I put in about 25 hours in three days (including a 12 hour day yesterday, not including the work outside of the building!). It looks as if every Wednesday I will be out of my house from 8:30am to 11pm. Wooo!!! And during a particular week, my soul will be sold to a project that the other interns and I are in charge of doing (a VBS-type thing for middle schoolers, but like 2394871 times cooler). Plus camp, mission trip, missions projects, pool parties, etc etc etc.

So as you can see, chaos. Love it :)

Best way to contact me this summer is on my cell, or facebook. I can’t guarantee immediate contact back, but I will try. And also, let’s hang out. Done deal.


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