Fall in Love with Her!


Fall in love with her if that’s what your persuaded to do. but don’t dare change her. Her reckless beauty and her rolling stone heart aren’t yours to be captured. She loves another. She is moved by a force. She was spared death, and purchased anew. You can’t chain her. You can’t dare defeat her. Her spirit is unbroken. She sees the hurting, she will rescue the oppressed.

Fall in love with her if that’s what you think you should do. But don’t dare change her. Don’t corral her passion. Don’t hush her. Don’t tame her wild eyes and longing heart.

She doesn’t want you if you run behind. She only wants you if you run beside her and challenge her to run faster, harder, and forward. She wants you only if you can catch her when she falls, not trip her with your own agenda. She wants you only if you first wanted HIM. She doesn’t want a man who is not intimate with God.
This is what she calls love. A man who is broken at the altar. A man who admits he does not know it all. A man who cries out to God constantly to improve himself and to help others. A man who is a sinner and beats his chest. She wants a contrite and broken miserable mess whose only desire is to serve God.

Yes, she’ll let you see her beauty. Yes, she’ll let you in her heart. Yes, she will give you the love of her body and kiss of her mouth. But she is walled. She is veiled.

Her courage and her passion are God given. View her as a threat-unless the veil comes down, the wall comes down. And then only you will know her garden, only you will know her soft touch.

Fall in love with her if that’s what you have prayed about. But don’t dare change her. She is her father’s daughter. A gem and his pride. He delights in her. She needs a lover who will protect her and run with her. Not one to restrict her. Not one who binds her. Not one who uses her.

She will accept love and discipline, grace and encouragement, teaching and protection- but only from the one who has surrendered himself to God.

This was written by Rebecca Cranford, shared by Becka Rumfelt with her Facebook friends, and now I have shared it with you :)

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