My mother…the Church.


Today in church, Pastor Josh said, “If God is our father, then church is our mother.” A lot of Christians today say, “God, I like you and all, but I hate the church.” This is like telling someone, “I like you and all, but I hate your wife.” It’s not right! The Bible talks about the church as the bride of Christ, so this analogy is very accurate.

The Bible also talks about the church being the body of Christ. Can you imagine a husband telling his wife, “I like you, but I hate your body.” ??? Yeah, death wish.

The point of this is just thinking about the church, her mission. I hope that one day we can get back to the place where we live for the church, because living for Christ means we should live for the church as well.

Also, the church isn’t just a building, it is a body of believers. If you are living for a building, then you are making that building an idol. But to live for a body of believers, to serve them in abundance and love them unconditionally…that is what I mean by living for the church. We live for Christ, and our brethren. We live to please them both. We live ultimately to glorify Him through exalting our brothers and sisters.

I kept my personal rant out of this, ya’ll should be proud :)


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