5 minutes before class!

youth ministry

It’s interesting to me how God works, or at least how He changes your mind. He showed me in high school that He wants for me to dedicate my life to ministering to teenagers. I understood that. And honestly, I wanted to do high school–I was stuck on it. Doing middle school wasn’t desirable–because I know how I was in middle school! I was loud, obnoxious, and that was the time in my life that I went through all of my family drama. So I was pretty decided on focusing my life on high school gals.

But the Lord really showed me that I was favoring high school without even considering middle school. It’s almost as if I had pushed it out of my thought system. As He gave me opportunities to minister, it was to the middle school age that I was so firmly against. Last year I was a leader of a small group of middle school girls at Second Baptist Springfield. Then over the summer I was the Intern Interim Youth Leader at a church in St. Louis, where more than half were girls going into high school, with a few more boys and girls in middle school, and two juniors in high school. Then this school year I’m working with middle school girls at Freshwater Church. And then this past weekend, I was put with middle school girls at a Disciple Ship Now weekend.


God has taught me a LOT of things during DNow, and it’s really starting to make me think about how selfish I was, even in ministry. And what’s interesting is how now that I am working with middle schoolers, I am constantly rethinking middle school and all the things I went through. There was a lot of trauma, that i refused to think about, and now it’s resurfacing. I am dealing. thank God.


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