Two Decades Old…Today! The start of a new Blog:)

new years resolutions

I’ve had diaries since I was a little girl. My deepest, most vivid memories are recorded in these kitty-themed, sticker-covered diaries with locks that I could pull off without a key. Sometimes when my mom and I get into an argument, I’ll bring up something from my childhood, something that she did to me. She tells me that I “rewrite my childhood,” but then I look in my diary from first grade and I can clearly see that she DID in fact take out my lightbulb for a week once when I kept forgetting to turn my light off (and not just once, too. ha!).

I guess what I’m saying is, writing is important, especially when its purpose is to preserve memories…and more importantly, truths. I’ve had blogs before, but I was never fully satisfied so I’d delete them. And I haven’t had a “diary” since middle school (oh boy is that one colorful). I think that it is important to keep my thoughts organized… well as organized as I possibly can. Because let’s be honest, I’m not an eloquent speaker/writer. I talk circularly. I probably have A.D.D. (no joke). But I ask questions. I ask a lot, a lot, a lot of questions. Because without asking questions, I won’t get answers.
I turn 20 years old tonight at 9:59 pm! After 2 decades of being alive, I am deciding to do something crazy–believe dangerously. I want to ask the tough questions, explore the elusive parts of life, and live my life by all the truths that I encounter along the way. This is my year, my turn to change the world. It’s amazing how one person can! Martin Luther King Jr. sure did. Michael Jackson did. Were they perfect? Heck no, techno! And neither am I.
ps–Jesus Christ ROCKED this world with His perfection.
So, I guess the purpose of this is:
To organize this head of mine out. I am a female. Females think a lot.
For people to read, and hopefully find something I say useful.
For people to get a greater understanding of moi.

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